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February 19, 2007 - 11:12 am

It's Monday morning and I'm stalling. I woke up, checked email, helped out with a client emergency and I'm only settling into my first cup of coffee. It's grey and raining and I know that is no reason (especially in the rainy northwest) to put things off, but I don't feel particularly like heading out to the post office or to the bank or to the gym. Nor do I feel like doing any of the design work that I actually get paid for.

I'm thinking about moving a lot. It invades my thoughts and I'm constantly checking Craigslist for something suitable. We're also going in for an interview with a co-op down the street this Wednesday. I'm actually pretty excited about it. Right now, they only have a 2 bedroom available in their apartment building, but they also have 2 bedroom townhouses with basements (and a large patio and a balcony!) and that is something that sounds so appealing. Imagine, a basement for wood projects and a patio for gardening and eating outdoors. It's just like a real house in the centre of the city! Apparently our credit checks, landlord references and other random peekaboos into our lives turned up fabulously so I'm hoping for good things. My fingers are crossed that we'll soon have a new and better place to live.

Our place will most likely be passed down to a part of a couple in our building who are in the midst of breaking up. It's pretty sad actually. They've been together for ages and they actually were the ones who got Cornelius into this building in the first place. He's a very successful comic book artist and she's a successful artist in her own right. We ran into the "him" part of the couple at our local bar and he told us that they needed to live apart for awhile and that everything was messed up. So he'll be moving into our place and she'll be moving on. Breaking up sucks.

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