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January 12, 2007 - 2:47 pm

My friend who was riding her bike to Mexico just got offered her dream job, so she's abandoning her trip in San Deigo and on Sunday will be flying up to stay with me until she can find a permanent place to live. Her boyfriend will continue onwards to the Baja but will come back next month to join her. I hope they can find a place to live permanently because our tiny place can't hold 2 house guests before splitting at the seams. It will be great to see Kristen again and catch up with all her stories...because riding on your bike for 3+ months equals stories! It's kind of busy with work, so I hope I'll have time to just hang out and chill next week. I think she'll be surprised that Vancouver is covered in snow and ice. But it's sunny outside and that makes up for a whole lot. Grey days? No way!

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