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December 06, 2006 - 7:55 pm

Hello December! When I left Vancouver, it was blanketed in snow and life was muffled and comfortable, aesthetically anyways. Now, it's December and I'm back from my short trip across the country, and buds are appearing in trees and I've even spied some new flowers! Weird, I know. It's like spring outside...or at least it was when I went to pick up some much needed groceries this morning.

How was the trip? Well, I hung out with my parents, dried a lot of dishes, felt bad for my mom because I wish her life was better, shopped up a storm at H&M (both in London & Toronto), ate great Indian food, had my brother tell me he'll be proposing to his girlfriend of 6 years soon, drank a lot of good red wine, went thrift shopping, had a salesgirl tell me that H&M is opening up in Metrotown next summer, and missed Cornelius a whole ton. All in all, as far as family visits go, this one wasn't half bad. And bonus, no jet-lag!

Having time alone to think as well as reading the wonderful Julia Child memoir on the plane, My Life in France, has given me the push I needed to make small but worthwhile changes in my life. If a tall lady television and cookbook chef can't change my perspective, then I don't know who can! Really, this book is wonderful and has given me hope and ideas in all kinds of directions. I'm going to disconnect cable and put the money into RRSP's instead. How grown up of me! Not having cable will allow me to read more (which is something I love to do) and will generally make better use of my free time. I also will try to be more in control in how I approach food.

I came home to a ton of work which is nice. C and I will be very busy up til Christmas and into January which is good for income but means I'll have to do lots of planning to get organized. I have no idea what my holiday crafts will be like this year or if I should just give everyone food presents. I made fleur de sel caramels before I left for Ontario as a gift for my family and everyone raved about them, so I'll try my hand at candy-making again this month.

I must get on with it...or at least begin after a short antm detour!

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