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November 21, 2006 - 4:35 pm

It's been a week of wanting. I'm not sure why I've been feeling so deprived of things, but I've been certainly feeling empty. Sure, a new sweater, new tops, new shoes, new make-up, and a new apartment would be lovely, but I am also missing something more. Curiousity. Learning. Excitement. Adventure.

Last week I promised myself that I'd go to the gym. It didn't happen. The skies were grey and cloudy and dark and when it didn't rain it was windy and miserable outside. My world is getting smaller and I'm not sure I'm happy about it. I need my horizons expanded. It's time to step out more, forget about fear and start trying something new. I've just got to figure out the first steps, the rest will follow, I'm sure.


The water in Vancouver is turbid. There is a boil water advisory in effect with no end in sight. Our water is brown and undrinkable. The thought of bathing in this brownness is disturbing but I don't really think about it anymore.

Our tub:

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