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November 06, 2006 - 9:25 am

This past weekend I was a bit of a homebody. The rain! The rain! It was almost too much to bear. At 11:30pm on Saturday night, I asked Cornelius to go out for a walk with me. I was too tired of work. Too tired of sneaking in episoodes of Veronica Mars season two. Too tired of our apartment. I wanted out. So out we went into the rain soaked night. I realized that being in the rain, under an umbrella and clutching the man I love makes any rainy night special. It wasn't cold outside at all and we were dry and everything outside had a bit of streetlight sparkle. It was a nice end to a dreary day.

My seven week contract job is over and I'm back at home working. It's a nice feeling and I don't really miss biking back and forth to work in the rain. Especially the arriving to work all sweaty because I don't have breathable bike clothes. Sigh. I've always been against lifestyle specific clothing, but I think I now see the light. Some breathable and waterproof overpants and jacket would be so lovely. Too bad all that sport stuff costs a fortune. I guess it's time to bite the lifestyle bullet.

Oh, isn't it funny...I've been on diaryland for just over five years! Re-reading my very first entry seems so very foreign. From heartbreak to happy and married. I'm such a cliche.

This week I must:
Buy a bra or two (maybe have a professional bra fitting as well)
Spend a long overdue gift certificate at an art store
Go to the gym 5 times
Invoice clients

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