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October 01, 2006 - 12:00 pm

I have 2 close girlfriends. One of them moved away to Portland a couple of years ago. Today the second friend left Vancouver and may not return. Kristen is my oldest friend. We left our small Ontario city and our record store jobs for Vancouver. We wanted to find new opportunities and in the ten years we made this new city our home, we've comfortably made new lives for ourselves. We've always been very close and now she's on a new adventure. She left this morning with her boyfriend to ride to Mexico via bicyle. They'll be gone for 6 months and when they return, they'll bypass Vancouver and head to Nelson, 8 hours away in the Kootney region of BC. It's a place I hope Cornelius and I will end up as well but even our best-laid plans won't get us there for another few years.

I'm definitely excited for Kristen and this crazy adventure by bike, but I'm also sad that I no longer have a close girlfriend living nearby. It's true that I have other friends but there is no one who lives here that I can call my best girlfriend. And that's a bit sad for sure. Cornelius is no doubt my closest friend/lover/partner but he definitely isn't too interested in watching "Legally Blonde" with me or sewing up creatures made of felt.

I'm a little sad. Even though I know that distance does not erase the lines of friendship, it does make them a bit slack.

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