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September 06, 2006 - 11:49 am

Today I have an interview at a college to be their casual graphic designer, which basically means coming in to do any overflow work. It suits my schedule, so we'll see how it goes. I contacted the company who really seemed like they were going to offer me a full time job (and they were), but something has "come up" and they can't make a decision for another few weeks but they'll keep me posted since I'm their number one choice. Grrrr. Is finding a job this difficult or is it just me? I'm going on with my life as normal. Lots of freelance work coming my way which is nice and I've also got 5 full weeks of work at my old company starting at the end of this month. I'm definitely busy. Did I also mention that I'll be volunteering again at the film festival this year, taking a typography class and bowling starts up again this coming Monday. I want to keep busy this fall. Everyday I should have a plan that includes going to the gym as well as another activity to keep me motivated and having fun. I won't let the dark and rainy days of autumn take me down. No sir.

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