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June 01, 2006 - 11:10 am

Cornelius had to be at work at 9am this morning, so I got up with him at 7am. He made me a delicious breakfast and then I decided that I should head to the gym since the hour was early and I was awake. Unfortunately, when I got there, I realized that the community centre didn't open until 9am, so I went to the market and grabbed a coffee. At 9:15 I ambled back to the gym and every machine was being used! I was in shock! I never have one set time to workout, but when I go to the gym (be it 11am or 3pm or 7pm) it's never busy. In fact when I go to the gym, it's usually just me sweating on the ellipical machine, an old asian lady on the tread machine and a couple of teenage boys going nuts with the free weights. So I returned home, un-gymnatized and just a bit pissed. Who were all these early risers? Is there some secret to working out first thing in the day? Does it make your life that much better? I guess I'm not going to find out.

Today I have to run a bunch of errands which includes riding my bike across town to pick up my camera from the repair shop, buying a book on web accessibility that I've already read but should own, and picking up a tax form. I also have the urge to pick up some summery clothing, but I've been so good with my living-like-a-poor-person budgeting strategy (ie. "don't spend money"). Actually, lately I've made 3 online purchases. Two were art pieces (this one and this one) and I did buy these cute sneeks (on sale). Not too frivolous I think. However, the tax man has decided to take away more money from me! Not only have I paid my $2,000 tax bill, I was sent another bill yesterday because I'm now married and have to pay back all the GST credits I've received this year to date, which means ponying up another $200 to the gov. Getting married in the eyes of the goverment is nothing but trouble.

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