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May 26, 2006 - 2:30 pm

i sure love to cook, but sometimes there's nothing better than the ease of opening up a pre-packaged organic salad, dumping it in a bowl, crushing some tortilla chips on top with a bit of grated mozzerella cheese and some fresh salsa and calling it lunch. yum, tasty.

today is critical mass and it's cool outside and i have a bit of a headache. i also should take my camera in for repair, since the part i ordered from cannon just arrived yesterday at the post office. but somehow i just can't seem to move. i'm glued to my computer or i'm on the bed reading about someone else's crazy life.

yesterday i made some vegan cookies as a gift to my neighbour who graciously gave me some free ram for my computer. i assumed he was vegan since he also had earlier given me a sunflower planted in an 'earth balance' container. when i knocked on his door with the cookies, i asked if he was vegan. he said no but that he loved vegan food. when i got up this morning, there was 2 coupons for a vegan restaurant taped to my door*. i guess he's now assuming that we're vegan! funny.

last night i cornelius and i had an argument and i blurted out horrible things....the exact kind of things my dad used to say to my mom and me. i couldn't believe what was coming out of my mouth. i did utter the phrase, "you fucking dickhead!" but i can't remember what other terrible things i said. as soon as i said them, i was so regretful and felt awful and apologized to cornelius over and over again. he said he wasn't bothered but it really did make me feel bad. i hated to think that whatever my father used to call me and say to me has somehow wormed its way out of my brain. yikes. i've got to watch that cuz there is no way i want to turn into that man.

* oh boy. now i'm thinking my neighbour must have overheard my nasty outpouring of foul language when he was dropping off those coupons! i'm sure he normally would have just knocked on the door. oops! i hope we're not now known as that crazy fighting married couple in apartment 15.

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