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May 24, 2006 - 8:47 am

The long weekend should have been about some good old rest & relaxation. Instead, it was all about work. Not only did we finally launch our business site, but I redesigned, coded and launched my portfolio site too. I dream in xhtml and it validates. All of this hubbub is about getting work. I've decided that I'm losing out my not having a steady job and paycheque. Although I've been fine living from contract to contract, I've been missing the comforts and challenges of a steady full-time job. So, I will for the first time in ages, start cruising job boards and sending off resumes.

This week is quite a change from the hot sunny weather we had last week. It's back to grey skies and cooler temperatures. Hello, Pacific NW, you've not been missed. Not that the weather is making much of an impact on my activities since I'm still suffering with the after effects of a lingering cold that just won't die. I hack my lungs out like an old smoker and my energy levels are sapped. Suddenly, at 36, I've turned into an old woman.

Today is about running errands and then tonight I have a bike repair class! Learning is good.

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