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April 18, 2006 - 2:40 pm

push that shit out!

That, my friends, is my new rallying cry! Yup, I saw Hustle & Flow and yes, I'm ripping off the pimp, but man, how can one resist shouting "push that shit out!" in the middle of Fred Meyers at 2am while foraging for leftover Easter chocolates. I'm not sure if that's what went down exactly, but that's how I'm remembering this Easter Jebus celebration.

My weekend was wonderful, despite the fact that I have yet to see a real life chocolate crucifix. Apparently, in America, they do exist. Chocolate versions instead of bunnies and roosters to remind children that Jesus died for their sins. Just bite in and push that shit out!

On Thursday night we arrived at the Moore Hotel in downtown Seattle and ran right to the Five Point for our late night beers and natchos dinner. The next morning, we barrelled up the poshy Queen Anne hill for a lackluster breakfast at the Five Spot before we headed out to the I-5 for more driving fun times. We made a quick stop in Olympia to do some thrift shopping where I scored a lovely white, red & blue nautical shirt that actually fit me in all directions (boobage=check! pefect length=check!)

We arrived in Portland and immediately headed to the bike shop where C had ordered in his lovely lovely Surly Long Haul Trucker frame. The price was right and the hippy bike shop owner even made up a fake recipt to show the border guards if there was any trouble. Whup that trick! (Yes, another H&F classic phrase). We met up with the main attractions, Kyla & Sergio for some snacking and beer drinking at the lovely Hedge House and then followed it up with some fleur du sel chocolate caramels and Scrabble. The next day it was my time to purchase a bike. Before I left for Portland, I had spied a great deal on Craigslist for a Trek 520 touring bike that was way beyond cheap. Lucky me, it was still available and I gladly paid $600 for the sweet bike. After we got the bike into the car, we headed out for some nature and hiked along the most beautiful trail filled with waterfall after waterfall and hiking with a beer in hand makes hiking even more beautiful! The rest of our time in Portland was spent eating great food, playing trivia in dingy but wonderfully smokey bars, browsing for books in Powells, and laughing lots.

Now we're back and my new bike is getting tuned up at the local bike shop and I've just enjoyed my lunch sandwich of avocado, sprouts, tomato and veggie salami. A side of cheddar beer chips is substituting for an icy glass of beer, but I don't mind a bit.

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