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March 01, 2006 - 10:49 pm

I can't believe this week is close to being over! I spent yesterday morning answering questions at a booth at a big technology trade fair yesterday. I thought it would be horrible and it only partly was. I hate chit-chat but I can answer questions about the company I'm trying to wean myself away from. Next week, I'll be working at their offices for the next two weeks. After that, I'm telling them no more last minute gigs...and because they are so disorganized and only use me for last minute gigs, they will have to find someone else. I don't want to burn bridges. C and I are really very busy with our own work, and I don't respect this company enough to want to work with them. I have other clients I still love working with and many new opportunities to take to fill up my hours with work I don't have any interest in.

I've been feeling under the weather of late. Not necessarily sick, but not feeling like I should. Not optimum by any means. I was talking to Cornelius last night and we've semi-decided to take a daily early morning bike ride to help give us more energy for the day. We'd go to bed early and get up at 7am (early for us!), make ourselves some fruit smoothies and eat some bagels with peanut butter and then head out for an hour long bike ride. It's either this or try Greens Plus in my morning juice (ewww). We'll see how it goes. Tommorrow our plan is to ride to Burnaby and maybe venture into Central Park and ride around an old growth forest. Hope we're up for it tommorrow morning when 7am comes around! I'll keep you posted.

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