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February 21, 2006 - 9:33 am

Last night I sucked at bowling. Normally, I am forthright enough to blame a bad game on my own personal lack of skill. Last night, however, I couldn't that. The team we were paired with on the next lane was one of those INSANE BOWLER teams -- bowling just isn't a fun pasttime for these folks, it's a way of life. Every time I went up to bowl they decided to critique my every move. I'm sure they figured they were helping me out, giving me bowling tips, but really, they just pissed me off. Keep your fucking tips to your self!! I couldn't be my happy go lucky self around these people who were more critical than my own parents (which is saying a lot)! I turned into a sneering, sulking bad bowler during the first two games. The final game, half of their team left (they had bowled off earlier in the evening) and then suddenly, my game improved! I didn't soar to the bowling heights that I had in previous weeks, but I beat my average and managed to turn my frown upside down. I'm sure also that the beers I was drinking were finally fulfilling their obligation as "aiming juice".

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