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February 01, 2006 - 11:16 am

How bad events for one can transfer into the good events for another. Life sometimes isn't fair. Yesterday morning we received a call from Randy giving us 4 free tickets to see Jeff Tweedy at the Commodore that night. Apparently their friend who is 5 months pregnant was admitted to the hospital and is in very critical condition as far as the baby is concerned. I'm worried and nervous about it all. But we had tickets for the show and decided to make use of them. I haven't given Wilco or Jeff Tweedy much thought since the last time I saw them around in 2002. My diaryland entry is here in case you are curious. The concert was the same old Vancouver concert at the Commodore. Packed and full of people who seem to feed their identity from "BC bud". How many times did I hear the phrase "BC bud/weed" shouted last night? Too many times indeed. But onto Jeff Tweedy....for someone who covered Woody Guthrie songs, his own political observations don't seem very astute. Meh, it was a kinda boring show. The opening act, (just) a drummer (true!), was pretty amazing.

After the show, the pouring icy rain that had plagued the whole day had stopped. The weather felt warmish and nice and Cornelius and I decided to walk home across the viaduct into Strathcona. It felt like the Best Walk Ever. The busy roads were pretty silent and it felt like we were the only people around for miles. Twinkling lights from nearby condo towers felt like the only signs of life besides our own. Cornelius bought a new camera phone yesterday and he snapped some photos of me on the viaduct. The photos are cute and I'm vain, so I'm posting them. After 3 weeks of wearing only glasses, I got new contacts and I feel cute again. So what.

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