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January 29, 2006 - 12:11 pm

Yesterday we spent a whole day (almost 12 full hours!) at Randy & Anita's house playing games, discussing a web project they are looking into, drinking beers and snacking. Justin, Dan & Pam were also there so it was all good times. Justin shared his groddy placenta eating stories (something about it being " the ethical meat" as justin was a vegetarian at the time) as anita is about to pop out her baby in march. I learned that just placing some placenta under the tongue helps get rid of post partum depression since it's filled with hormones. Neat. Cornelius was pretty much grossed out for the entire placenta conversation and I certainly don't blame him. Placenta talk stopped now.

Randy is an awesome music collector and has the girl groups boxset that I'm so envious of. Lucky me tho, as he'll burn me the cds! I won't get the pretty packaging, but I'm okay with that. We listened to pretty much all the tracks and it was beyond awesome. In the set we also heard an early Carol King song that Neil Young ripped off (pretty much note for note) in the song Pocahontas. When I get that Carol King song, I'll post it for a listen.


The other day at the gym, I looked through a fashion magazine. I never look through them normally and I'm so glad i don't as all they make me want to do is WANT things, which is stupid. I'm pretty thrifty and money cautious and i'm excellent at saving my money, but looking through Lucky just made me want so many things from hair conditioner to shoes to skirts to jewellery. Gag! I like to think that I'm pretty immune to rampant consumerism, but that's not really the case as I really just try to hide myself away from it. Working from home is pretty great for my bank account because I'm not spending money on $3 americanos, $5 lunches or lunchtime shopping trips to the Gap or Banana Republic. Cornelius just finished reading the book the end of faith by Sam Harris and the author points out that every dollar spent that isn't spent on your own survival is a dollar tainted with the blood of poor people in third world countries. It's a pretty logical arguement that isn't the most practical, but it certainly does give me something to think about. About half of my purchases are from thrift stores (good for the environment and won't squeeze more blood from the backs of the poor), but I'd like to get to the point where I feel I don't NEED so many things. I'd like to get into the habit of keeping track of every penny that I spend (Cornelius already does this), just so that I'm aware of exactly where my money goes. I've got to get out that Your Money or Your Life book again. I took it out from the library at the recomendation of a friend and it seemed like an excellent read but I was too busy reading other things at the time. Time for another library request and time to really think about my life.

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