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January 27, 2006 - 9:56 am

I saw Brokeback Mountain yesterday and ended up really liking it. It was slow-paced and beautiful. Lovely. The only thing gayer than the characters was the music. Really, Hollywood just has to quit it with sappy scores! After the movie, Kristen & I hopped the skytrain to Surrey to check out some old thrift store haunts. I expected to find awesomeness, but instead found total sketchiness. Surrey has always been the rat's ass of the Lower Mainland, but fuck, this time it was fucking disturbing. People huffing in the changerooms and junkies, hookers & skids getting into fights. It was fucking depressing. I did manage to part with $2.49 of my hard earned dollars on a record (Knockers Up!), a pillowcase and a tray:

Right now I'm watching an Oprah repeat from yesterday's show about the James Frey controversy. As I said before fakers sure are interesting. I never read "A Million Little Peices", but I did read the back of the book while browsing at Chapters a while ago and it just seemed so unbelievable. Kristen's brother is an alcoholic and said over Christmas that he wasn't going to treatment because he could get over it just like Frey had done in his book. Fucked up. A few months before this story broke, another controversy broke around writer jt leroy who is also a faker. Now I have read jt leroy and I did believe that the writer was a 16 year old prodigy and tho I wasn't sure about the author's fucked up background but I sure didn't think jt leroy was a middle aged husband & wife writing team. Interesting stuff. Easy to understand how millions of people believed in wmd in Iraq. Yup, add Bush & cohorts to the list of fakers too.

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