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January 16, 2006 - 6:13 pm

I disappeared for an entire week and I return to the 25th day of Vancouver rain. When I was in Ontario, it was all anyone could talk about when I mentioned that I was from the Wet Coast. They must have been fucking jealous because of their minus 20 degrees Celsius weather...wind chill is not a term used at all here in Vancity. Despite the weather, it was a good trip. Sure, there was weirdness as C's family decided to come to visit my parents for a couple of days as well, as they were flying out of Toronto for a trip to Cuba. I know my family is weird and I know they are weird from Cornelius' perspective, but viewing my family from C's parents eyes was hellish! My dad is an old moody crankpot with a dracula accent who goes from giggling to muttering "shit" over and over. My mom is sweet and stressed out and kept us well stocked with any food whim or desire. My brother loves to sing Johnny Cash songs to wittle away the awkward moments when there is a lull in the conversation. Family, what can you do but move across the country from them?

While the first 3/4's of our trip revolved around family, C and I planned our escape. We would leave for Toronto on Saturday morning with a detour to see the Falls...and meet up with an old 'zine friend. Cornelius had never been to Niagara Falls before so he was quite impressed with all of nature's majestic wonder. Me, I was more excited to meet Amy of Highest Population of Rock Stars...a zine I used to trade when I used to publish my own zine. We've managed to keep in touch through emailing and journaling, so when we met it wasn't any surprise to how she's be in person. It was a good, but cold, visit. After our scenic trip, we drove to Toronto and met up with our good friends, Craig & Aaron, where we stayed in their beautiful new house just a few streets away from Degrassi Street! We converted them to the wonderfullness of cards (Brutefitta, you are amazing!) and they teased me with all that a great city and great friends can be. I love Toronto and would love to live there (if, that is, I could get used to the cold again). The housing market is not as out of reach as in Vancouver and it's so much older and much more interesting in character. We saw the OCAD table top building which was amazing and I visited H&M for the first time ever and am cursing myself for not buying an olive green long skirt that I tried on. Grrrr!!

My inbox is filled with work and I've got to get down to business. A week away is a nice break but it really is nice being back home. Yes, overall, it was a pretty great trip. Even though my family is wack, I do really miss them and it does feel strange being so far away from them. Maybe I'll just have to convince Cornelius to move to Toronto for a couple of years for a scenic change. In Toronto we'd be a 2 hr drive from my family (which is still far enough) and we could live in a city with much more history than anything on the West Coast. However, it's nice to know where home is and I do count Vancouver as home.

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