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December 13, 2005 - 8:31 am

I am becoming a better bowler and the fact that I've got a new skill, is beyond thrilling! Actually, I am unsure if my good bowling is less of a skill and something more akin to luck. Every Monday night, I ride my bike to the lanes and then dash in the coffee shop across the street for an americano. I believe that it is the americano that is super-charging my game and I wouldn't want to jeopardize anything by skipping the very important americano step. No way, jose. Americano first, followed by cheap beer smuggled to the lanes by my teammates. It works and I don't want to question a thing.

Yesterday I had a meeting with my rocksteady clients and I've got the rest of this year filled with work and at least the first 2 months of 2006 are looking very busy too. It's so great working for clients who put out a catalogue for almost every season and now want to start a bridal catalogue. It's going to be a very busy winter with these projects and my other client projects thrown in. Hooray!

Tommorrow, C and I will finally be picking up our Christmas tree!!! I can't wait to finally have our apartment decorated for the holidays. About half of our cards have been sent out and I plan to have the rest out by today. I also have almost all of C's gifts purchased and most of my crafty gifts are done too. I do have a lot of baking and foodie gifts to make, including candycane white chocolate bark, nut and dark chocolate bark, ginger syrup (for homemade gingerale!), and I'm going to try my hand at chocolate gingerbread truffles. On Sunday, I made a quick trip to my favorite gourmet cooking shop and picked up a whole load of callebault chocolate. I am so ready. Let the festivities begin!

In new music discovery land, I stumbled upon a French band called "Saw" and they are amazing and you can download their music off of their site. So pretty!!

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