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December 06, 2005 - 6:20 pm

Sunday was the first of many C family holiday gatherings. It's hell for someone like me who hasn't been to a family gathering for close to 10 years before I started dating Cornelius. My family doesn't gather and we like it like that. There's a Mennonite joke that goes "Why don't Mennonites have sex? Because it leads to dancing". A Menno gathering doesn't include wine or beer to ease the pain. What it does have plenty of is jello salads. A food abomination if there ever was one. Plus, these family reunions always take place in the farm-like rural settings away from the sins of the big city, so the time spent at the event is extended by a large amount of travel time. Ho, ho, ho, the Mennonites are spoiling my holidays! I really really am a huge Christmas fan and I wish we could just attend less of these family things. There is another one coming up on the 18th and then of course, there is a more "intimate" gathering on Christmas day. Yikes.

On another note, a real treat for all those TVO children's television shows that I watched constantly in my youth. This site has the music to all the wonderful tv shows like "A Bear Called Jeremy" and "Read-a-Long"!!

And cuz I'm so giving ('tis the season!), here is the Sufjan Stevens 3 volume Christmas album ready for your downloading pleasure.

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