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November 24, 2005 - 11:35 am

As frightening as it sounds, the ellipical machine is becomming my new friend. When I'm not at the gym, I'm thinking about being there and swinging around on that thing. Each step I take I can feel the muscles in my calves ache and I want more. It's crazy because I already have HUGE calves...it's like I've already got a baby's head living it's own existance on the lower portion of my legs and yet, I don't mind that those babies will just be getting larger and larger. Pretty soon, they just might over take my buzzums for the largest visible part of me. Now that's a frightening thought. I really am a real live walking, talking cartoon character.

In other news, next Friday, Cornelius and I will enjoy a little vacay in our city. As a honeymoon present, some friends gave us a night at the Sylvia Hotel. We're pretty excited! It's on the water with a great view and it will be so nice to spend the day & night away from our cramped apartment. I can't wait. So in preparation for a day and night away, I've got to get on with my Christmas crafts and card making. On Sunday, I will be silkscreening like a mad woman and I must get started with other projects. I'll use the gocco for my cards this year but I haven't settled on a design yet. And I've got tons of felt and fabric ready for ideas. Dang, that's the hard part. For easy gifts Threadless has a $10 Christmas teeshirt special. So much to think about!!

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