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November 22, 2005 - 5:34 pm

Last night I skipped bowling to go to the gym. I've been totally sucking at the lanes and I just wasn't in the mood to lose badly again. So I went to the gym instead with my new library hold (Sarah Vowell's "Take the Cannoli") in my bag and my ipod filled with good music. Unfortunately, when I got there, all three stair climbers were taken, so I went on the elliptical machine instead. Needless to say with all of that swinging about, I couldn't read my book, but I ended up enjoying the experience anyway. 40 minutes later, I hopped off the machine with my sea legs and walked out into the fog. It's been quite magical lately, the fog. I think it's now day 4 of fog and I love that everyone is so shadowy and mysterious and even though sound carries quicker, it still seemed so quiet.

This morning I awoke with a stiff neck. I get one at least once a year or so and I hate it. I hate not being able to have full range of motion and I hate feeling constant pain. Is there a cure? Why am I so susceptable to them? I feel like an old complainer. Regardless, I got down to work like a pro today and I even had time to make a quick afternoon pick me up, a delicious (& super easy) yogurt blueberry cake. Yum!

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