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October 31, 2005 - 12:34 pm

I've had 3 cups of coffee and a couple handfuls of roasted pumpkin seeds to tide over my morning. I'm left with the jitters and an iffy stomach. I also haven't heard from my recruiter yet about a very big job and I'm certain that it's because the client looked at my portfolio and said "not good enough". Cornelius thinks I'm over reacting and I should just "relax". Yeah, whatever. I'm not good at relaxing. I do, however, excel at procrastination! Sunday, I had big plans, let me tell you. I had my to-do list by my desk and it contained a very serious itinerary for the day.

One, I would go over all kinds of behavioural interview questions and prepare my stellar answers.
Two, I would hand wash my wool sweaters and lay them flat to dry.
Three, I would re-touch all the new jewellery photos for my client ahead of time.
Four, I would update my portfolio and resume with new work.
At 11pm Sunday night, I quickly scrambled around to wash 2 wool sweaters and by 11:20pm I had cleared off enough clutter and space to let them dry flat. Where did the rest of my Sunday disappear to? Flickr. I joined the wardrobe_remix group and tried taking ridiculous self portrait full-body shots of me in different outfits! Have I lost my mind completely? Maybe. It's not easy maneuvering yourself in a tiny, cramped, dimly lit apartment taking pictures without a tripod, as I discovered. Although, I do like to look cute in what I wear, I do not put much thought into my appearance. I think this sudden frenzy in what I'm currently wearing, was spawned by a frightening discovery that one of my favorite, old pieces of clothing (ie. my wilco skirt) was too damn tight. So instead of heading to the gym and deciding to cut back on cupcake making, I decided to take the irrational-low-self-esteem-teenage-girl-on-livejournal approach and take stupid self portraits. Yes, Sunday was a bad, bad day.

Today, I have resolved to cut back on sweets and put my kitchen aid mixer on hold. I will also get my expanding ass to the gym and get back on track with my exercise routine. I won't worry until I have to worry and I'll work on my client's photos this afternoon. I also think it's time for a good haircut, so I might as well book an appointment somewhere nice. I also better eat something more solid than pumpkin seeds. I've got a salad in the fridge, so I'll start with that. Back to being that nice, sensible girl...um, yeah.

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