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October 29, 2005 - 1:07 pm

yesterday, c and i received our confirmation that our new business name is all ours! we are legal and official in canada and bc. whoo! we also went to the bank to open up our business account, which turned out to be really strange. we first went to the vancity branch on pender street downtown, which has recently been renovated and is the most beautiful bank/credit union i've ever seen. it looks like a spa or something. so pretty with lots of frosted glowing glass, modern furniture, and really unique teller placement. unfortunately, they didn't have anyone available to set us up with an account until monday, so we headed east to the chinatown branch, which is much closer to our home anyway. we spoke with cynthia, the accounts manager and it was pretty awkward but she was really sweet. i don't think they get many whities opening up accounts, so she struggled in broken english and we had to ask a lot of questions just to make sure we were getting what we wanted. at the end of our conversation, she christened herself our "money buddy" and c and i tried hard to keep from laughing. imagine a banker referring to herself as your money buddy! we smiled for the rest of the meeting. i cannot begin to describe how much i love vancity! this credit union rocks and anyone in vancouver who uses a regular bank, shame on you.

i'm now off to fill up my panniers with groceries. i think i'm going to make some creepy cupcakes for my pumpkin carving party tonight. dan's going to be bringing jeepers creepers, which happened to pass through his hands at the circ desk. i'm not too excited about the movie, i'm more excited about eating roasted pumpkin seeds. yummy!

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