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October 05, 2005 - 4:17 pm

As far as days go, today kicks ass. I woke up too early (I blame Cornelius and his work-for-a-living lifestyle), but I managed to send him off to work with some homemade pumpkin waffles settling nicely in his belly. Yes, I am the shit. After my 2 cups of coffee, I made some edits and sent off a couple of ads to my client, while also putting the finishing touches on a new website for another client. My morning was so busy that I realized at 12:30 that I hadn't even had a chance to eat my own homemade pumpkin waffles! No matter tho, I made the most yummiest lunch imaginable: steamed red swiss chard served with galettes de riz topped with fresh tomatoes. Yum.

Despite the fact that my lower lip rocked a huge throbbing zit, I did look quite cute today in my red cons, jeans, white collared shirt and black sweater. I'm also wearing jewellery which I'm quite new to. One of my clients is a jewellery shop and I got some pretty necklaces and earrings. I haven't worn earrings for about ten years or so, but figured that beautiful (free) earrings would be a good excuse to re-poke the closing holes in my ears. I don't think Cornelius noticed at first the shiny, sparkley gems in my ears, but at night when it came to removing them, I had to get him to help me take them out. Ow! I'm so bad at being a girl sometimes.

This afternoon I rode downtown to pick up a cheque and have a meeting with my client. There was also a documentary that I wanted to see playing at the film fest, so throughout the meeting, I kept wanting to get the fuck out of there! I was so antsy, I'm sure they all thought I was about to pee my pants. When the meeting finally ended, I hopped back on my bike and made it to the theaters 20 minutes late to see punk: attitude. It wasn't an eye opener of a film, but it was enjoyable and it was there in the dark where I fell instantly in love with the voice of Jim Jarmusch. Sure, I love most of his movies and his crazy white hair is foxy....but that voice!

Tonight, I will relax with some tea and some ANTM and I'm sure I'll be dreaming of the velvet-voiced Mr. Jarmusch. Hot damn!

BONUS: Maybe you hate Kelly Clarkson's song "Since you've been gone" (if you hate it, you must be crazy!) and maybe you hate the YeahYeahYeahs' "Maps" so you'll probably hate this *oh*so*awesome* version (or medley, if you prefer) by Ted Leo. But I don't. I love it! (mp3)

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