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October 01, 2005 - 11:35 am

It's been a busy week and a good one at that. I've been volunteering at the film festival, attending client meetings, working on freelance work and getting things done. I've also had the chance to see 2 films (the disappointing princess racoon and commune which i did enjoy). It's interesting being a volunteer. My job for the festival has been sitting outside the main theater and handing out tickets to passholders. As a point of contact with festival patrons, a customer service representative if you will, I'm actually enjoying dealing with the public. Sure there are the regular freaks and complainers, but answering questions and holding some kind of limited power over these people (mwah ha ha ha!) is kind of refreshing. Coming home after a shift to communicate by email to get information for projects just seems so long-winded
and ineffective.

Regardless, I've got my ads off to the client and I've got only 2 more volunteer shifts left. Lots of movie watching will occupy my time (a new Michael Haneke film and countless documentaries!) and I've got work and money coming in to boot. Yes, things are getting better.

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