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September 18, 2005 - 4:36 pm

It's been a busy time here. Self confidence? Check! Work? Check! I'm actually working back at an old job filling in for a friend who is getting married. It's been over a year since I've worked in a hugely corporate environment and it's been that long since I've used inDesign. I started on Thursday and will continue there until the end of next week. I'm glad for the work and glad for the money. Funny, because after work I came home and in my inbox were 3 requests for projects. Let's hope it all plans out.

This weekend I met up with some friends and made some buttons. It was pretty fun and it provided instant gratification.

Yesterday, we went to the MCC Auction & Sale. Tons of thrift store goods, clothing, crafts and beautiful quilts. I showed restraint when it came to all the knick knacks but my restraint didn't fair all too well when it came to the food. We bought a ton of fresh Chilliwack sweet corn on the cob and the prettiest red peppers fresh from some Mennonite farm. We also bought some farmers sausage and some fair trade coffee. It was all so cheap and we couldn't resist...plus, c's grandmother, still in a care facility, couldn't attend so she gave us $50 to spend as we wished! I tried vereniki, a pierogy-like dumpling in a sour cream sauce, but it just wasn't my thing (a bit too bland), so I passed it off to C to finish my plate. I did enjoy the little sugared raisin doughnuts (I forget what the Menno name for them is, but in Dutch they are called "olliebollen") and Cornelius and I shared a hot, greasy bag of them.

This morning, I made some gingerbread muffins. Tasty!

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