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August 18, 2005 - 4:26 pm

Today I didn't feel sorry for myself that I'm broke or have no viable income or no job prospects or have no idea what I want to do with my life (whaaat, am I still seventeen?). Nope, that wasn't me crying in the corner today. Instead, I got up early with my husband who has a job which requires him at times to be at work at an early hour. The first thing I did was write out my "to-do" list. I decided that it would be best if I quickly crossed off at least 1 thing before 9am, so I washed my hair and went to the gym (I washed my hair because I have to be vain about some things while i sweat it out on a treadmill). I had a good workout and felt refreshed and decided that one thing crossed off my list just wasn't good enough. I took a bath (with another hair washing) and then headed out to commercial drive to deposit my one and only (and oh-so-tiny) pay cheque and get groceries. I was able to fill up 2 panniers with lots of good vegetables and fruits and a delicious bottle of Boylan's Creamy Red Birch Beer which I am enjoying right now. mmmm!

I also did some drawings for some cards and scrambled around to find some watercolour paint but all I found was acrylic which I watered down and used instead. Not perfect, but okay. I rode off to the chinatown post office and hoped that they wouldn't recognise me*. So, most of the things on my list are crossed off (well, half of them at least!) and I feel really good at my efforts. The rest of the things on my list will take place in front of the television tonight watching something good as I do some crafts. Life is much easier when you have a purpose, it's true.

Now, once I finish off my Birch Beer, I'll look in some cookbooks and make something wonderful for dinner. I think I also want to bake. That Kitchen-aid doesn't make lemon loaf by itself!

* Last time I was there, I was mailing out our wedding thank you cards and I bought a bunch of stamps for all the Canadian cards I was sending out, but I also had some American cards as well as some heavier packages to send as well. To make an incredibly boring story short, it cost me a total of $1.82 to mail out 4 letters/pkgs!! The woman just didn't know how to count and I got away with a deal. But, I've been afraid to return, just in case she thought I was taking advantage of her!

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