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August 12, 2005 - 11:16 am

Yesterday was a productive day. There was actual work on my plate and by 2pm it was over with. I went to the gym and renewed my monthly membership and forgot that I really like spending my hour at the gym. It was good to get back into the rhythm of normal things. Routine is good and I thrive best when I've got a system down.

When C came back from work, we headed over to The Foundation where Paul, Lucy and the rest of the Y&S gang where already a pitcher of beer in. We discussed plans for their new website while eating the best natchos ever and drinking pitcher after pitcher. It was an incredibly fun and drunken, er, business meeting. Three and a half hours later we stumbled outside and C and I didn't want the good times to end, so we rode our bikes out to Nat Bailey Stadium, stupidly thinking that there might be a baseball game on. There wasn't, so we rode onwards to Queen Elizabeth Park. C decided that we should eat donuts at Duffin's Donuts, but we decided to turn back and head to the Locus where we shared the best blackberry/apple pie and ice cream! A much better choice than donuts, and a great ending to a rather nice day.

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