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August 07, 2005 - 4:26 pm

yesterday i met c at avanti's where we drank lots of beer and played brutfitta. i won most of the time but it was still SO FUN! we rode back home and then kristen came by and we walked over to that big blue house on egeorgia and clarke and sat on the grass and watched the "be good tanyas" play. we chatted to veda and justin and cari and met a few new people too. it was pretty fantastic milling around at someone else's yard, drinking lemonade and vodka and participating in drunken chatter. there were a ton of little kids and lots of hipsters, punks and hippies mingling. too many dogs tho. a few other bands played too and we left as one of them were just getting started. it was all funk and when we looked closer at the band we realized that no one was over the age of 16. the drummer was probably 9 years old!

we left around 1am and watched "my neighbour totoro" before falling asleep.

this morning i got my hungover self up and made blueberry muffins and coffee. unfortunately, c and i got up too late to enjoy the caffine and baked goods together, as he had to scramble off to work. after realizing just how late it was, i hopped on my bike and headed to havana to meet carley for a pitcher of mojitos on a sunny patio. it was great to catch up on news and have some serious chit-chats about future plans and ideas. i had a drunken bike ride home and a panier full of groceries. i'm still feelng the effects which are rather pleasant and i'm content to lie down with the fan in my face as i read. hello, perfect sunday!

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