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July 29, 2005 - 2:04 pm

ever since the honeymoon (and yes, i'll write about that eventually), i've been thinking about all the things i want to do -- and in some cases, need to do. so this weekend, i'll be starting a 101 list of my own. getting away for a month, free from work and responsibilities really is an eye-opener and it gives you lots of time to think about what you really want to accomplish with your life. i can't tell you that i've had any answers or solutions to all the things that need changing, but i at least hope i've gained a wee bit of focus and some insight in how i want to live my life. and as all online diarists, i can start by writing a list of all kinds of tasks and goals i want to accomplish. having a limited amount of time to keep things in check is a good thing too.

returning after midnight on tuesday, after over a month with no work, i got up bright and early on wednesday at 7am and sent emails to clients and got down to it. the past couple of days i've been really working morning til night. there really is no need to be acting like a slavedriver, but i'm pretty puritanical with my work ethic (crossed with my own neurotic thoughts that i don't want clients thinking bad things about me) that it is really difficult for me to walk away from work when there is work to be done. i feel guilty and i've got to figure out how to leave work at the office when the office is in my livingroom. it's definitely something that i haven't figured out yet. some active tackling for the list, i guess.

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