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July 28, 2005 - 5:55 pm

it really feels like the wedding happened ages ago. have i really been a married woman for the past 33 days? yes, i guess i have.

the day before the ceremony, i had a small gap of time between errands to get my nails done (courtesy of kyla). after that 45 minutes of pampering, i took off on my bike and headed to the location to start decorating. i was met by a bunch of friends and we got down to business. 4 and a half hours later, we turned blim from a kinda ratty art space into a less-ratty and much prettier wedding space. then it was off to the airport to pick up my mom, my brother and his girlfriend flying in from toronto. thankfully, we were able to fit all 5 bodies, luggage and my bike into the pedestrian minivan that c had rented for the occasion. phew! we laid our heads down shortly after 1am, but not before i burst out in tears "we're getting married tommorrow!"

the wedding day was hectic. i didn't read a single wedding magazine, but i'm sure they don't recommend picking up flowers from the flower wholesaler, or having a rushed breakfast as my family met c's family or doing the multitude of nit-picky things that needed to get done. i'm definitely not "bridal magazine" material. before i knew it, it was an hour to go and i had a friend come by and quickly do my make-up (which looked fab, i have to say) before i slipped into stockings and hopped into my dress. i struggled a bit with the veil i had made weeks earlier, but realized that i'm hair-hopeless and i couldn't fathom a way to make the comb work with my fine hair. veil ditched and my do looked like it does pretty much every day, with the exception of final net hairspray to keep things in place. c and i got into our rented minivan and drove ourselves to the ceremony. i didn't even realize that tradition frowns upon seeing the groom before the ceremony, but i really couldn't have imagined anyone else i'd rather have been with.

when we got to blim, we let my brother take a few quick snapshots of us and then on with the show! we walked down the aisle to marvin gaye & tammy tyrell's "you're all i need to get by" and from that point on, i just couldn't stop beaming. not only could i not stop grinning while saying our vows but i couldn't even pay attention to all the legal-ese that i had to repeat after the officiant, so i kept needing her promts for every single line. oi! c was the one who got teary during the ceremony tho, which was incredibly sweet since he never tears up over anything. we signed the register to stevie's "signed, sealed, delivered" and then we were proclaimed husband and wife! it was pretty fantastic. we listened as friends and family said speeches that made us cry and then we got up to mumble a few impromptu thank-you's of our own.

i'm sure the food was good, but because everything was just so hectic, i was fine with beer -- it kept me going all night long. it was great seeing and chatting with everyone who came to support us and i couldn't have imagined doing it anyother way. leading up to the big day, all i wanted to do was elope but i'm so glad we did it this way. it wasn't perfect and i'm sure there was lots of older people wondering what they were just a part of, but c and i loved every single moment of it and it was a true blessing to share such a special moment with our friends and family.

the crowd definitely thinned out when the dancing began, but i like to think that only the best diehards remained and boy, did we have a great time! there were even a few kegstands occuring at the end of the evening, which definitely means people were having a good time! i'm afraid to admit it, but i think there is some video footage of me and c dancing to the clean's "tally ho". that footage will definitely not make it on this or any website ever. the beer, dancing to the music dj'd by our very special friend randy and a few bites of delicious cake and the night was over by a very tidy 1:30am.

now, if i'm allowed to rant.....
i've seen photos from the wedding and not a single photo resembles a traditional wedding photo. i'm not sad about that since our wedding was anything but traditional, but i am a bit upset that there isn't at least one photo of just me and c looking halfway decent. i'm definitely vain and dammit, there has got to be a good looking photo somewhere! hopefully, we'll see one soon. my fingers are crossed. i guess that's just what you get when you don't hire a professional photographer.

(thank goodness for textedit. it's been such a busy couple of days with work that who knew i'd use a text editor working from home to write my diary entry with!)

pictures to come. tommorrow (hopefully), the honeymoon.

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