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June 22, 2005 - 11:45 pm

three more days to go (or so) and i should be panicking or stressing out but i'm strangely calm. it could be the smell of ina garten's frighteningly delicious coconut cupcakes that are baking in the oven right now. we decided to split a warm cupcake and it was pure heaven. i'm glad it will be the official cupcake of our wedding ®.

our apartment is spotless and i'm delighted at every turn. who knew that an ultra-clean house is exactly what i needed? c got his haircut at my salon with my usual hair dresser and he looks 100x fantastic. what a cutie he is! he also bought a tie and he dressed up for me and made silly faces.

anita dropped by tonight to drop off some twinkly xmas lights and some extra chinese lanterns that she had around. we went to her & randy's wedding last july and it was nice to have some reassurance and guidance. i also love that she is the official champion of marriage ®.

last night we wrote our vows and i got all teary-eyed as he read his to me. it's nice to be reminded why we're doing all of this.

i'm pretty happy and it's almost midnight. i'm so thankful that i have wonderful friends that are so giving of their time and their ideas and themselves. i hope that i too can become a better person because their generosity is just so inspiring.

i'm swooning in the coconut air of our apartment.

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