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May 24, 2005 - 9:48 am

this morning while we ate our porridge, i saw a tiny mouse run from behind the stove to behind the fridge. i shreiked, ran to the livingroom and stood on a chair while i directed c to stuff steel wool in the hole behind our stove. c had to run to work, so i had to get off the chair and get on with life. i washed dishes, cleaned the counter, wiped down the stove and cleaned the floor. i have no idea where the mouse is and i'm freaking out. snoopy isn't helping things so i cursed a blue streak at her. i thought cats had a killer instinct. apparently, snoopy was sleeing when killer instinct was assigned.

in other crazy news, my dress maker sent me an email last night saying that she wants to redo my dress from scratch. she had made a mistake with the v-neck (1 side wouldn't lay flat) and instead of just replacing the front panel, she says it will be just as easy to start from scratch and she thinks i'll be more comfortable in a lighter weight fabric (the current fabric is heavy drapery fabric). its making me nervous. she's picking me up in half an hour to head to the fabric store to show me her find.

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