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May 18, 2005 - 8:49 am

i think i have convinced my mom & my brother to not arrive 2 hours before the wedding. in order to save $200 they decided to get a plane that leaves from london -- stops in toronto -- stops in winnipeg -- stops in calagary, all before it arrives in vancouver. with the 3 hour time difference, the fatigue of travelling, the fact that at that late hour we wouldn't be able to pick them up from the airport, and any delays in the flight would cause me a huge amount of stress. i hope they can find something that comes in the night before. i'm crossing my fingers!

last night i think we've finally settled on our wedding cd mix. first song: "beginnings" by chicago and the last song: "funky future train" by king kong. i always knew that c had a soft spot for 70's "soft rock" as i often catch him singing "midnight at the oasis" when he thinks i can't hear him, so it was no surprise when we were picking songs his list had a lot of e-z listening...but i think we've got a pretty great mix all told.

i hope this diary hasn't devolved into some kind of hideous wedding outpouring...but i honestly don't have much of a wedding anxiety outlet besides cornelius. my family doesn't really care so this is pretty much it. sorry if it's boring.

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