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May 15, 2005 - 8:44 pm

wow, i can't believe this is my 2nd entry today considering i've been rather productive. i originally planned to look for shoes, but it was raining outside and the thought of riding around while it was pouring out didn't seem very attractive. instead, i got out my sewing machine and tried a few practice stitches & applique ideas for my dress. i think it should turn out well -- my practice swatch looks better in person than it does in that photo, btw.

after some sewing and chatting on the phone to friends i haven't seen in awhile, i got right back to work. i decided that it was high time to get rid of a lot of my junk and started pulling clothes that i haven't worn in a year (or more!), stupid gifts and other junk into a gigantic pile in our hallway. it's pretty crazy as i have to run and hurdle over the pile to get to the other end of the hallway. lucky for me i was a pretty good hurdler in high school and i still have my moves.

there was something i found in del.icio.us a little while ago about having a clean home in just 19 minutes a day. i thought it sounded doable until i read that in order to come in under that time frame you need a dishwasher and a handheld vacuum. damn! but i think c and i can try to give it a shot. now if you are interested in keeping your computer screen clean, there's this! hahahaha.

tonight, we've also decided on our san francisco hotel, the san remo (thanks shadowdress). in the name of cheapness we decided on the no private bathroom/no sink in room/interior (ie no windows) room. c's a cheapskate and normally i can convince him to upgrade just a little for me (is a window too much to ask?), but this time around, i don't have the cash to back it up. and i can't really complain about having a cheapo honeymoon filled with cheap hotel rooms and camping because we are spurging with a 3 week roadtrip seeing lots of great places that i've never been to before. but man, wouldn't a night in a caveman themed hotel room, your own private wigwam or a stay in an airstream trailer motel park be great? ha!

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