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May 12, 2005 - 9:39 am

my mom emailed me this morning with their itinerary for our wedding. first off, my dad did not book a flight as he's too afraid to fly and makes up enough excuses that it all seems so meaningless. secondly, my little bro, his girlfriend and my mom are all arriving on the day of my wedding. they are not arriving a few days before hand to help me out or console my nerves, they are arriving at the airport a few hours before my wedding. wtf? yes, my family is fucked.


last night we went to c's parents house for dinner and they surprised me with this lovely book as a belated birthday present! i love it!!

i've had only 2 cups of coffee this morning, but i'm jittery as hell. i've got to head to the gym to release all of this extra energy before i go crazy. tonight i meet my dress designer for my final fitting, so i've got cupcakes to bake this afternoon, a thank-you card to make & i've got to find time to head out to commercial drive and buy some nice wine. i also have to pay my taxes! i totally forgot the deadline was may 2! my bad.

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