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May 10, 2005 - 10:27 am

last night was the last night of our bowling league until september. it was good times that included winnings (!!!), free chinese food and "crazy" bowling. i kicked ass and came came in as "best female bowler of the evening" (meaning that i beat my average by the most points) and won ten dollars. then during the round of "crazy bowling" -- which included things like bowling between the legs of someone else, bowling holding hands with someone in the next lane and bowling while kneeling at the foul line -- i won again for being the best crazy bowler! yup, another ten in my pockets. also, our team did well throughout the year, so we each got $70 because we kicked so much ass. all of this from someone who never pictured herself being on a league. i can't wait until september. next year, they're making it a six person league so maybe i can convince cornelius to join up too and become a true "friend of the lane".

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