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May 09, 2005 - 11:34 am

i always fear that no one will show up or that it will rain or that it would be boring and everyone would leave early. not so. i had my birthday party on saturday and it was great. we had a picnic in the park and drank homemade stout, ate lots of homemade food and talked and laughed until it got too chilly & dark to be outside. then we went inside and ate more cake and played games. food highlights included a pink (beet tinted) goat cheese that was so creamy and tasty & flavoured with a touch of orange oil (yum!), a very colourful coleslaw made from the rebar cookbook, and sandwiches made with ciabatta bread and homemade tapenade. and of course (see yesterday's photos) there were cupcakes and a baked alaska made with chocolate gelato, raspberry sorbetto and coconut chocolate chip gelato. mmmmm.

sunday, my actual birthday, was more calm. my parents called me at the ungodly hour of 8am and sang me happy birthday over the phone. i'm amazed since in all the 10 years i've lived in vancouver, this is only the 4th time they've actually picked up the phone and dialed me. c made breakfast and then he headed off to work, leaving me to relax and get teary-eyed while watching "the notebook" (hey, if it's good enough for marissa cooper...) we were planning on heading out for dinner, but c was feeling sick so we ate left over picnic sandwiches and c gave me an ipod shuffle as a present.

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