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May 06, 2005 - 4:31 pm

i just came back from my lovely afternoon with carley. we met at skoah in yaletown where we both had the "facialicious" facial. oh boy. i've never been professionally touched like that before! i never thought i was one of those spa types, but damn, it was good. i wish i could be one of those rich ladies-who-lunch and make monthly appointments. i smell so tasty that i could eat myself up. afterwards, we decided to forgo the trip to get cupcakes and we stayed in yaletown and went to a french bakery and ate raspberry tarts and drank lattes in bowls. carley had missed last night's oc, so i had to fill her in on all the juicy details! it was a great way to spend the afternoon.

earlier in the day, i got a bunch of work done & i received a phone call from my "boss" who wants to meet for lunch sometime to discuss my position. i think she wants me to be a full-time employee or something. i'll wait for the details. at least when i come back from our honeymoon i won't have to worry about work which is nice.

tonight, kristen and i are heading out to dinner & then we'll come back here and watch movies and eat popcorn. i'm liking all of this lady time!

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