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April 23, 2005 - 9:27 am

yesterday i went for a dress fitting. it was actually only the liner that she had worked on, but it looked great. we had to change the style at bit, as the 1st style i had picked looked too matronly with my ample boobage. now there is no seaming under the breasts and it's fitted and lovely. i can't wait to see the whole dress put together. i also have decided not to silkscreen on top of it but instead to applique my pattern with some ribbon and low fraying fabric (i just have to find out what kind of fabric is "low fraying" besides felt!). i actually saw this skirt and they used ribbon for stems and cut out leaf/flower peices and in person it looked quite lovely, so i think i'll try it out. plus, i think my sewing machine is feeling a bit under-used.

yesterday i realized that i don't have any work lined up for may or june. this is scary. i have enough to live on, but not enough to live on, pay for a wedding and go on a honeymoon. hmmmm, i need a plan! either i will luck out and someone will offer me work or i will have to do something temporary...like temping or something. damn.

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