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April 10, 2005 - 12:41 pm

boring wedding-related entry

due to lack of funds, we decided to nix our nyc honeymoon in favour for a south-west road trip. instead of a 3 week $6,000 trip staying every night in a hotel we'll spend $3,000 on a 3 week honeymoon where we'll rent a car & camp half of the time. we'll head to portland and then to eastern oregon to see the dalles, then we'll be back on the coast landing in san francisco for 3 days (does anyone have any cheap-but-not-seedy sf hotel ideas? the mission/castro areas would be good so that we can eat at pancho villa every day!). then we'll be off to see william randolf hurst's castle, palm springs and big sur. then it's off to joshua tree and las vegas for 2 nights! then we'll head into arizona, new mexico and our most easternly/southernly destination: marfa, texas. then off to santa fe, the grand canyon and up through to salt lake city, utah and back up through alberta and the okanogan. i'm so excited!!

yesterday i watched the gocco video and me and c laughed a lot but it looks easy enough and i think it will be quite simple to do our invites. yay! today i'll finish them off and get a xerox copy and then tonight, me and c will gocco our hearts out! demoderby do you know if it's possible to mix inks to get desired shades? like can i mix red and white ink to get pink? will it give good results? or do i need to get pink ink?

last night, c's mom made me upset. i guess the day before i had made some off-handed comment about helping during the ceremony (ie. helping to bring food from the kitchen to the large buffet table). she told me "that's why you should have a bridesmaid". when she spoke to c on the phone last night, she was insulted that i had asked her for help. wtf? i was pretty upset and panicked because i guess i just assumed she'd be there to help. i spoke to my mom and my brother this morning and i asked them to help out and they said no problem. my brother added, ask me anything and i'll do it. i guess some familes are different. my dad -- who has decided to make the trip -- has decided to only stay the day of the wedding because he is afraid of robbers! it's true!! hopefully, he'll change his mind.

this morning for breakfast, i made crepes. so thin and tasty! mmmmm.

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