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April 05, 2005 - 2:37 pm

yesterday i met with my clients and handed them their 2 catalogues (can & us versions) and they congratulated me on how great it all looked, how quickly i was able to turn it around & how much attention to detail i gave the work. i found errors on things that had been ignored in all previous versions. i felt good and i was excited to do more work for these people. when i got home i sent them my invoice and i haven't heard back from them yet. this is always unnerving as i like prompt replies. so now my mind is spinning on how this project cost them more than they were expecting and who knows what else. when i realized how much work was actually involved i should have let them know immediately. but i did the work over the weekend & they wanted it done quickly so i just did it realizing there was no one i could contact. maybe i'm just over reacting (which is something i always do anyway). i'll let it leave my head for today and then worry tommorrow!

it's freezing in my apartment. last night i went to bed early and woke up late with a sore throat. i hope i'm not getting sick. i feel drained and i'm sure it's because of all the work i've been doing lately. it's time to do something fun and something out of the house. but it's raining today and the weather alone isn't there to motivate me.

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