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April 03, 2005 - 5:21 pm

i've spent most of this weekend in front of my computer doing work. how's that for weekend suckage? yesterday morning was a nice distraction, as c and i walked to commercial drive for a hearty breakfast and did the crossword. when we came back home, he left to play 2 cut-throat drunken monopoly games with friends, and i played in photoshop for hours non-stop. when c came home at midnight, we made noodles with garlic butter and parmesan cheese and watched buffy and kojack.

this morning i woke up too late, completely forgetting about the time change and felt like i had wasted half of the day. i went to the gym and got groceries and took 2 baths. it's sunny outside (finally) and though i have lots of work left to do, i want to put it off and dance around or do something fun.

i've been listening to "inside and out" by feist pretty much non-stop. if you haven't heard it yet, do yourself a favour and download it promptly.

our wedding plans are pretty much non-existant, or going slowly depending on how you look at it. i'm not exactly sure how things should be progressing. we've got a location, a dj, a dress (being made, but still...), a suit (still needs to be tailored) and an officiant. i'm slowly gathering cake stands for our cake buffet and me and my friends will make cakes and cupcakes. we still haven't gone over our final guestlist or made the invites or put up our website (tho we've got our domain name corneliuslovesjeannette.com which c got last summer). although i want everything to be really simple, i still want everything to be really pretty. i'm also stumped on how to do the ceremony. i'd like to walk down the "aisle" with cornelius (or my dad if he shows up) and then have the officiant introduce us but then i'd like some friends and family to get up and say a few words. finally, we'd say our vows and then have the officiant say all the legal bits. we'd kiss and then walk down the "aisle" with stevie wonder's "signed, sealed, delivered" playing. we would then have a champagne toast and then have some friends play some music and sing before we all stuff our faces and start the drunken dancing. gah, too much planning and i'm so not a planner. if anyone has any suggestions or tips, please pass them along. i need all the help i can get.

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