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March 24, 2005 - 9:52 am

i can't believe that i'm finally able to post an entry here. it's almost a bit of a let down because i'm not sure if what i'll be writing merits the frustrations of wanting to post but being unable to.

funny how when i'm not getting work, i'm worried and depressed. in reality, when i'm in those periods, i should be relaxing...basking in the glory of not working. last week i worried, this week, i've got work coming at me from all angles. i've got a new freelance client and not only is the work ongoing, but it's for a fun jewellery company (the kind of company that has postings of inStyle magazine write ups in their offices). the women who run the company are awesome and i'm excited about the volume of work that is needed. my other job has picked up more design work, so my skills are also in need over there. i'm not complaining one bit.

on the wedding front, we've booked a marriage commissioner, and tho we would have much rather had our friend randy be the officiant, it's not possible in our province. dang! there's probably a lot more to do, but since i'm a wedding novice, i'm not sure all the steps i need to take. i guess i really have to work on getting our invites finished but i'm truely scared of our print gocco. this weekend i'll make it be my bitch!

my stomach is growling at me. i need to get some coffee and breakfast in me fast before i get too busy and collapse at my imac.

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