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March 17, 2005 - 11:12 am

last night i got a call from my brother. he said that my mom had collapsed. my dad was home and heard a "thump" from upstairs & went up to see what was going on. he found my mom with her eyes wide open but completely unresponsive. she was taken to the hospital but tests proved unconclusive. she's fine now except that when she fell face first she's left with a black eye and a bruised face. she'll be going in for more tests today. as soon as my brother called, i called home and spoke to my dad who was pretty shaken with the whole thing and my mom, who was surprisingly up and happy. it makes me feel pretty upset that i'm not there very often. i'm thinking of taking a short trip out there soon, since i've got loads of free time coming up. it would be nice to see them but not so nice to be in a place where there is still snow.

last night after hearing what happened to my mom, i watched antm & watched a model faint in a very similar way as my mom. eerie.

last night, i spoke to someone who will make me my wedding dress. i've seen her dresses and they are well made and pretty, so i'm pretty excited that she will do it...and at an affordable price too! for about $100 she will make me this (with short sleeves, rather than sleeveless):

once the dress is finished, i will silkscreen the leaf & branch pattern from this skirt from anthropologie and then sew on button "flowers". i'm pretty excited & i hope that it turns out like i'm imagining it to be. yay!

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