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March 11, 2005 - 7:54 pm

as i had missed antm this past wednesday, i am super excited to watch it tonight. yes, i will be staying in to watch reality television and eat coconut/peanut/ginger/curry chicken (my own concoction which i hope will be tasty). sure, there is the kings of convienience show tonight, but i've seen them before and was let down. i loved their first record cuz it sounded like a weird mix between pink floyd and a '50's barbershop quartet...but i wasn't as keen with their second album and as such, haven't heard anything by them since. last year, i saw them open up for gorkey's and well, gorky's was awesome.

in case you are worried for my evening plans, i also have 'goodbye, lenin' on dvd that c brought home from the library. plus, c brought me good smelly flowers so i can sniff those all evening. i'm happy and i'm boring. i'm okay with that.

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