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February 28, 2005 - 6:44 pm

i don't like being stood up. i'm buying my g5 today from some guy on craigslist who said he'd stop by between 5:30 and 6pm. it's now almost 7pm and i've heard nothing from him. it's extra frustrating because last week c purchased a 17" g5 on the apple site for me but he forgot to add his education discount. he called apple and got them to cancel the order, but it would take a few days for mastercard to clear the charges so that i could re-purchase the computer again. however, on the weekend i saw this ad for a 20" g5 and managed to talk the seller down a couple thousand dollars. and now, after receiving an email at 5 o'clock stating he'd be here by now, i'm getting frustrated!*

but, it's not the first time i've been stood up today. in fact, it's been the third time! first, my old co-worker was supposed to stop by and pick up some of her portfolio pieces and drop off a cheque for me. she didn't show when she said she would yet did offer a late email, saying that her meeting ran late and can we arrange something later. my second stood-up-ness happened when i went to the blim space to check it out as a location for our wedding and the girl who runs it was also a no-show. she called later to say that her meeting also ran late and could we meet up later tonight. gah!

okay, i just picked up my phone and my phone was off the hook for the past 3 hours! there were 2 messages from the guy as he stood outside our apartment (we have no buzzer). he's going to come by shortly (really!) and i'll buy the g5 and i'll try not to complain again!

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