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February 23, 2005 - 10:48 am

i spent the morning reading paris hilton's email and phone list hacks from a link i found on delicious. funny. work is slow again today which is fine by me. it's been a nice morning as c has the day off and is home too. we had a breakfast of yummy smoothies: vanilla yoghurt, strawberries and oj for him and because i don't like the combo of milk & fruit, mine was a blend of strawberries, cranberries & oj.

yesterday afternoon, i headed downtown to look for dresses in new stores. big mistake as all the dresses were ugly and salsa-dancing looking. i'll hit vintage stores on the weekend, but i may have to have a dress made, cuz dammit, i want to have something that i actually like! is that so hard? i did buy a new pair of gym pants tho that were cute and on sale. my only other pair were just old track pants that i had bought years ago at value village & cut off the stupid looking elastic cuffs at the bottom, so it's nice to have something new. i've been doing really well with my new workout routine. it's been over a week and i've stuck to my guns. my only workout day off is sunday, so i feel like i'm really developing this as a habit. cornelius tells me that habits take 21 days to develop, so not to count my chickens yet...but it still feels good.

after my shopping excursion, i met c downtown and we ate dinner at a my favorite japanese noodle soup place. udon soup is probably one of my most favorite foods...mmmm, shoyo broth with pork and chewy noodles!!! afterwards, not wanting to head home right away, we walked to tinseltown (which thankfully still has Cheap Tuesday pricing) to see "sideways" which was great.

today i have no plans and i'm starting to feel a bit antsy....it could also be due to my 2 cups of strong coffee.

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