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February 17, 2005 - 9:16 pm

it started out being a rough week, but things have smoothed out like buttah. i goofed at work on tuesday but the client wasn't bothered, so unless my boss decides to can me at the end of the month, it's completely out of my hands. the thing with work is that sometimes i hate it: i hate the lack of communication, the lack of exciting work, my shitty set-up and the fact that i can't find a remote desktop hook up for my mac that works. but there are also times when i don't mind it: when work is slow i have that time to myself, when its 4pm and i can watch oprah and work, i can go to the gym at 10am and when things go well and i learn something new, i feel good.

i've been feeling good because i've started working out again. working from home has left me with no commute, so i've been seriously missing my walks and bike rides to work. i've gone to the gym for the past 3 days and it feels good. i'm being a hardass on myself so that i can build a habit...and i've also told c about my workout and healthy eating plans and he's being supportive. what's also good about this week? two words: dance party! i can't wait.

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