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February 15, 2005 - 6:35 pm

valentines was no day of romance for me and c. we ordered indian food in (that arrived 2 hours late) and we played carcassone where i kicked his ass as usual. but it was still nice having him around during the day for breaks.

i forgot to mention the black mnt shows we went to this past weekend. friday night we arrived at the dept of safety and the place was filled with high school kids, as it's an all-ages venue. it was so fun! all the kids danced and had these little glow in the dark capsule-type thingys that they kept putting in their mouth and hair and clothing. i heard girls asking each other, "is it 10 o'clock yet? my dad is coming to pick me up then". ahh, memories! it was fun seeing all the kids dance around being silly or playing sexy or whatever to blk mnt...definitely something you wouldn't see at a bar show.

while blk mnt was playing, we realized that our friend was the keyboard player! after the show we went up and chatted with him and he was expecting us to be there, as some friends had mentioned we'd be there. we told him we would also be at the seattle show so he said he'd put us on the guest list, which was a very nice thing to do. i really didn't expect him to remember to put us on the list at all, and when we got to the crocodile cafe, the show was already sold out! thankfully, jeremy did put us on the list (yay!!) so we got to see them play again and it was so much fun. the mnt goats, on the other hand, was a bit boring. too many adoring fans lapping up every word turned me off of the whole thing. i am a mnt goats fan, but i realized that i don't know any of the music he's done in the past 6 years or so. i'm an old, old fan. we left half way into the set when i realized that my feet were too tired and i didn't hear a single song that i knew.

yup, it was a good weekend of road trips and rock n' roll.

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